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Most touching moment in Grim Fandango

Ok, so somebody probably has done this same topic before but i'll still do it anyways. Grim Fandango was a phenomenal game, and as phenomenal games go, there are always memories and moments that forever stay with us emotionally.
One instance that got me Very emotional was when you examine the picture clue that Lola left in the game and this sad, sentiment song plays in the background. It reminded me of many things and there's just this thing with the photo that really strikes me. The photo is in black and white, and in it people were happy and cheering whilst the music in the background was dark and sadly gripping.
Now, here's my problem. I LOVE that soundtrack and have been looking around the net for it to no avail. I give up.
I was wondering if any of you might help me out by finding me the track or at least giving me the title of the track.

Thank you. Viva La Sanspoof.
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