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Jax sudenly felt cold.....he shivered. He glanced into space....nothing was there....but why did he feel so cold....and suddenly scared? Jax looked over. The star destroyers were retreating...they had won that battle...

Far away the stooped figure clicked his fingers again and his servant appeared.
"yes, my master?"
"bring them to me...NOW!" he hissed
the man nodded and pressed a small button
Jax's ship shuddered and disapeared he was falling threw time and then....he hit a cold floor. his head was bleeding. badly and his vision was blurred.

"I've waited for you....Jedi"
"what?" Jax said dazed "Jedi?"
Something in Jax's head clicked, he didn't know why but he felt strong and wise.
He stood up
"I am a Jedi" he said (His memory has returned)
The man stood up and whispered
"We shall see"


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