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Long posts problems

This just happened to me again, its about the fifth-sixth time and its starting to bug me. Sometimes I write a long post, I have an idea or am responding to someone else's. I provide a quote to that post, state my case and provide an example or two to back it up. I like to use the 'preview post' button to make sure its formatted in a way thats easy to read. So I hit the 'preview post' button and my browser freezes. I lose the post, the time spent writting it, and the time to write a smaller version of it.

Has my browser just been freezing randomly and it happens to happen when I'm writing a post here, or does this site have a problem accepting med-long posts?

Think of a post around 4 times the size of this one. My browser is Maxthon (formally named MyIE2), which is basicly a powerful skin to Internet Explorer. My IE version is 6 SP1.

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