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Originally Posted by Kurgan
Well they don't have orbital bombardment but they do have droids that explode. The ability is definately nerfed and not as much fun as before though, I agree...

The prone ability may have helped some people, but for me it felt like you were play acting being a soldier... crawling through the grass on your belly, it was just cool, even if it never happened in the Star Wars movies that I remember... (then again, half of the stuff in this game never happened in the movies, so no problem there!).
Without orbital bombardment, you can use them under ground or inside the ships.

I used prone. Sometime when I'm very low on health and in enemy areas, I go prone. Some people just don't look down. I have slowly crawled along the walls, very close to enemy humans (bots will just kill you), for long distances to reach a health droid. Why people didn't shoot me I'm not sure, but they didn't.

(I may not agree with thoughts posted under this name)
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