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No, no, I got that. I didn't kick you, I don't think. I made it clear that if nothing else, go around chatters if you can. I wasn't blocking a hall, either, I was on a wall off to the side of a large room. I was trying to resolve an arguement between a Grip-Pusher and someone who thought that wasn't right. Then, this guy hits me once, twice, thrice. I'm dead. NOT COOL. Having fun is one thing, I don't care if I start losing. That's part of the fun. But it is not right to go out of your way to harass and kill a chatting person.

The kill may have been easy, and technically legal under baseja, but NOT legit. If I had been allowed to face him, I would have had a good chance of winning. He was a good Single user, so maybe I could have lost anyway. But, the point is to give your opponent a fair chance. In FFA, when I see someone idling and watching a battle, and I happen to come up from behind. I Force-Push him, jump in front, and hit a key that automatically says "Hello there!" from Ep. III. I then ignite my saber, and wait for him to get up. Either that, or I... engage... any others that come near me. I'm not a weasel "honorz" saberist, but I do give a fighting chance. Literally.

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