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Sorry everyone, a busy day interfered.

From the Coruscant Entertainment center

John Skywalker

A brief vignette At the end of the Clone Wars

As I have said of others, he doesnít know the military, but as I also said before, since his main character is a Jedi, that isnít a big problem. Again, using the grammar and spell checker would help a great deal. However the pacing and basic story idea are excellent.

Nar Shadaa

A group of young toughs set out on the road to adventure during KOTOR II

An interesting story because while he starts out hesitant and full of grammar and spelling problems, he smoothes out and becomes very enjoyable. At fourteen his style is reminiscent of the young adult fiction written in the 50s.

The next story in line is my own. When I accepted this job, I told them I would not review my own stuff. It isnít fair to the others, and it isnít fair to me. So someone else will be reviewing this.
Maybe one of the people I reviewed would like to try? If so PM me.

Tales of the Republic Crisis
Vladimir Vlada

Heís only done the Star Wars style rolling into so far. I want more before I decide.

From the Coruscant Theater

Yoda Has A Bad Day, A day where everything goes wrong...

The title says it all. Set when Obi Wan Kenobi was still a teenager.

Clara had a lot of fun putting this together. Think of your worst day, then call yourself Yoda instead. The only problem I had with it was she didnít come back and do more than one brief chapter.

Star Wars: The Betrayal On Risiang 5
Darth Vegas

Jedi go after a Hutt crimelord. Set in the republic era.

The pace tends to be jumpy, and needs some work. The story needs editing more than anything else.

Wraith Squadron, A New Beginning
Jors Dedon

Set following the book Wraith Squadron

A new pilot assigned to Wraith Squadron has problems to deal with.

Usually I read just one maybe two posts by a writer for a review. In that space you get an idea of their abilities, and the story line.
Not this kid.
Jors Dedon deserves some serious attention. While he has the same problems a lot of young writers has, his style is crisp clean, and he knows enough about a fighter pilotís mentality and squadron politics that he carries the story well.

from kotorfanmedia

Futureís End
Katrina as Revan is called in this one struggles with who she was and who she is Set in the aftermath of the Star Forgeís destruction.

An excellent read. Rose takes the cardboard characters created by the game and makes them human for us.

Iíve Come For You

Carth faces up to Saul in his revenge, but Saul returns a bitter fruit.

Based on the segment aboard the Leviathan, Arrowmaker has interwoven the lyrics of the song ĎThe end Has comeĒ into the bitter battle. I have never heard it, but the lyrics work perfectly. Excellent.

Shadows of the Past
Cracker Jack
Set in the aftermath of the Star Forge mission, Revan is hounded not only by righteous indignation, but by others from her past as well.

Short well written chapters. CJ draws you in very well.

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