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OK. The internet is as slow as all heck this morning, but I have the link to the image. Rather that edit my post, which would take forever for some reason, I'll provide the link here:

I don't recommend following the link if you are having internet problems right now. I still can't get the darn pic to load any faster.

EDIT - Hmm. The pic seems to be half cut off. I hope that's just the internet connection this morning. It would suck to only have half a pic to show you. =/

Oh great. Now the link won't work at all. Boy, is this fun! Oh, imageshack is down. Darn.

EDIT II - Good! It's back up. I can see the lighting is too dark. This was a problem I fixed shortly before losing JA. So, I will know what to do to make the level similar, but better.

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