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Originally Posted by daventry
So this is not an Official Forum Board.

Who is Kurgan.

Do you guy's think the Lucas Arts people see what we write on the Forum Board or maybe one of the Lucas Arts people are a Member here.
He's me. I'm not the only admin, but I'm one of the more talkative ones, so I hear...

Yes, the LucasArts people do visit here, and they have accounts here. The thing is though, they work hard for their company and don't have time to answer all our posts (even if they were allowed to by their superiors) so they rarely post and just lurk.

The exception was when JK2 and JA each were coming out and the first few months, several of the developers talked at length, gave feedback and tips and listened to suggetions for the patches.

And yes, people need not assume that they take every post here seriously and it makes a difference, but then we shouldn't assume that they have no idea these posts exist either. Chances are they've read a good chunk of what goes on, even if they don't do anything about it. We're not the only community around after all... Raven and LucasArts (and I'm sure Pandemic and all these other companies) have their own forums to attend to. But they know this community exists and we have a good relationship with them. They don't tell us everything, but they throw us a bone now and then.

And it's true, none of the moderators, super moderators or admins here are LucasArts or LucasFilm employees. This is strictly a fan forum based on a fan network (a Lucas Fan Network, if you will). We may have more connections with the companies and people than the average fan site, but we're still nowhere near official.

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