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Originally Posted by daventry

01. Whats the diffrence between SWBF2 and SWBF2 (Safe Mode)
Safe Mode in games is typically for testing. Like let's say the game keeps crashing on you and you don't know why. Safe Mode is to try to see if you can run the game with minimal settings (no flashy graphics, low res, etc). It's to troubleshoot technical problems on your end. The non-safe mode is how you normally run the game, with all your custom graphics and sound settings, etc.

02. What is Vsync.
Wikipedia should always be taken with a grain of salt, but this sounds about right:

Vertical synchronization (abbreviated as vertical sync or V-sync) is a method used in computer games to only allow the game to draw to the screen starting at the beginning of a video scan. This limits the frame rate of the game to the monitor's refresh frequency and also prevents page tearing.

V-sync is often found in applications where frames forming a motion sequence are rendered in real time at a variable rate, including 2D/3D games and audio/data visualizations, but does not apply to video playback.

03. What is Anti Allasing
Aliasing (sp?) is the effect of pixelation ("blockiness") at the edges of sprites or polygons, that gives something a digitized look, and thus less realistic. Anti-Aliasing is a feature built into many video cards, and some games themselves that "smoothes out" or smears (depending on how its calculated) these pixels in order to make it look less pixelated. Usually it requires at least a minimal amount of extra memory to accomplish this, hence why it used to be that only high level video cards or people with lots of ram were capable of benefiting from it. Now it seems to be more commonly used.

Some people prefer to the speed boost (though its probably minimal for modern systems) of not using AA, and some people dislike the "fuzziness" or "smearing" that sometimes accompanies it. It's a personal preference. Many consider it to be "prettier" than seeing pixels.

04. What is Bass Management.
Just like what it sounds like. Bass is the "boom" (opposite of treble.. it's the low sounds, vs. the high sounds of treble). Bass that's too high or too low can ruin the sound experience for many people. Either stuff sounds too "shallow" (too low) or too reverberating (too high). Bass Management is (supposed) to make sure that the bass sounds right. It's a personal prefernce and I don't know how well it works in this game.

05. How do i see my PM.
Go to the top of your screen where it says "private messages" (if you're logged in, it should show your name and a number next to it). Click on that and view your private messages, send them, etc. Or you can go to the "User CP" (User Control Panel) and access them from there. They're at the top of the screen with your options on the forum.

06. How do i make a Spoiler Tag.
[ spoiler ] Your spoiler goes here [ / spoiler ] (remove spaces to get the tags to work, like so


Good luck!

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