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As the Empire on a ground offensive, I would expect the Rebels to prepare for a full-frontal attack by slow-medium speed units such as AT-AT's, AT-ST's, and SPHA units. Thus, I would deploy my stronger and slower units on the perimeter of the engagement zone and lead with my repulsortanks, speeder bikes, and some of my infantry. I would attack their missile-armed infantry and artillery first. Once I put a substantial dent in their long-range weapons, I'd fall back and begin advancing with my big units. If bomber support is avaliable, I'd hit where their troops are most concentrated after pulling out of the hit and fade, then attack through the vacuum left with my fast units.
As the Rebels on a ground offensive, I'd anticipate a greeting by fast moving scout units, followed by a bunch of AT-AT's with AT-AA support. Thus, I'd rush out with T-2B's and T-4B's to draw out their defenders, with torpedo platforms backed by infantry a little ways back. Once the ground pounders start plodding forth, I'd fall back and artillery the crap out of the AT-AT's. After dropping the AT-AT's and forcing their AT-AA's to retreat, I'd send my scouts to scope out the remainder of their force, use a Y-wing strike if avaliable, then pick off their infantry using T-2B's and Heroes.

Space strategies to come soon.
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