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Originally Posted by edlib
Go Banana!
I tried that once. Took weeks getting the yellow paint out of my hair...

The Case for Oranges

The orange, when compared to the apple, is almost perfectly round. Its skin is dimpled for easy grip, and is softer than the hard, unyielding waxiness of apple skin. Granted, there is more effort involved in peeling an orange before eating it--but at least you don't wind up eating the rind! Who want's to eat the peel anyway? The flesh of an orange is higher--as I have previously mentioned--in vitamin C, and it comes handily segmented so you can share some of your delicious citrus treat with friends, without undue mess. In closing, I would point out that the state of Florida, which is famous for producing oranges, is also the repeated target of many disastrous hurricanes. If God's that pissed off at Florida for growing them, there must be something sinfully good about the humble orange...


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