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Originally Posted by Shuz
For me it was near the end where that guy you meet under the sea (can't believe I forgot) walks through the portal to the Ninth Underworld. It was so sweet and sad to see him innocently sing his song and soldier on into portal, never to be seen again. It reminded me of how far Manny has gone and how soon his (and my) journey will end. It's hard to explain but it's the moment that really touched me.
Chepito, I think his name was?

Anyway, yes--I didn't see that scene until the second time I played the game, but it really hit a chord with me when I did see it...there's something strangely and starkly beautiful about the way it was done. I love that scene.

Lola's death was another one for actually made me cry. And then there's the bit in Year Three where you see that Manny renamed the SS Limo to the SS Lola--that was another touching moment for me. (It also nearly made me cry. Again.)

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