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Good points. I stand corrected in the cybernetic extremeties thing and the midi-chlorians thing, but I still think he lost a good amount of midi-chlorians from Obi and never fully regained all of them. I guess the main reason of why I think Vader wasn't as powerful because in RotS, he just slices and dices everyone in the academy, but he had a good bit of trouble with Luke, even if Luke didn't have much training at all, probably because Luke had a whole lot of midichlorians as well.

Will Lucas make up his mind? Either the Dark Side is stronger or it isn't. I know the Dark side is all about attack, and the Light Side more defence-oriented, but does it really make the Dark Side more powerful?

I've noticed in the movies that only the light side could enable people to become 'ghosts' in the force. When Obi sacrificed himself, I guess you could say he really didn't DIE, because he could still 'talk' to Luke. Was Qui Gonn the first to discover this power? In the RotS book, Qui Gonn's "ghost" appeared to Yoda, and yoda learned it. In the movie, Yoda says he will train Obi. This is what he learned. Somehow Anakin learns and you see them all together at the end of RotJ (minus Qui Gonn)

I may be wrong about this "only the light side can enable you to be a 'ghost' " thing, but it's just an observation, I'm sure someone has said this before. I know Exar Kun trapped his 'consciousness (sp?)' into the Massassi temple, but he didn't really become a "ghost".

Correct me if I'm wrong about any of this.
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