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Corsen opened his eyes to the face of Carth Onasi. He sat up as the soldier backed away. He looked around to find they were inside an apartment, with chairs and a couch, as well a holoprojector for the holonet.

“ Good to see you up, instead of seeing you thrashing about in your sleep”, Carth said. “You must have been having one hell of a nightmare.”

Nightmare, Corsen thought. Then he remembered. He had seen a woman with a yellow lightsaber, and she was saying something. Then, the room seemed to rock, and all went black. “How did I get here?” Corsen asked tensely.

“ We crashed from the space battle above. The Endar Spire, remember?” Carth replied. The images came flashing back now, and Corsen remembered the ship, the fighting, and Trask. A lump in his throat threatened to rise, but he pushed it back down. He swallowed, and focused on the moment. “ We’re on the planet of Taris”, Carth began again. “ We fell into the upper city when our escape pod crashed, and you were banged up pretty bad. I wasn’t tough, so I was able to drag you away from our crash site before the Sith arrived on the scene.”

“ The Sith?” Corsen asked. “ I thought we were here for supplies. We wouldn’t get them from the Sith.”

“ The Sith took over the planet after they had taken out the Endar Spire and the Sojourn. They’ve imposed a plant-wide quarantine, and taken the Republic base here.”

“ I guess I owe you my life. Thanks.”

“ I haven’t abandoned anyone before on a mission, and I’m not about to start.”

“ It’s Carth, right?”

“ Yes, and your name?”

“ Corsen.”

“ Well, now that we’re acquainted, we need to find Bastila.”

“ Who’s Bastila?” Corsen asked.

“ That bump on your head must have done more damage than I thought. Bastila’s the key to the whole Republic war effort. She has a rare, “gift” as the Jedi would have said it, called “Battle Meditation”. I don’t know much about it, but I do know that its won us the few battles we can gloat about”, Carth said.

“ Did she make it to the planet safely?”

“ I don’t know, but I did some scans and found some energy readings down in the lower city, so that’s probably a good place to start.” Corsen thought about it carefully. It could work, and they had to hope that Bastila was alive, or their efforts would be for nothing. He looked down at his blaster, still in its holster. He remembered what Trask had said years ago. “It’s better to go down fighting than to go down without a fight at all.” (Trask and Corsen are best friends in this story.) He had been right.

“ If we’re going to get some land covered before dark, we’d better head out now”, Corsen said.


Carth walked toward the door as Corsen gathered the small amount of supplies they had; three medpacks, and an extra ammo pack. His companion walked up and the door hissed open. The first sounds Carth heard were the sounds of blaster fire. He looked to his left. A Sith and two droids were walking down the hallway, a dead Duros behind them. They stopped in front of the two Republicans.

“ We’re looking for two Republic officers who were reported to have taken up residence here”, the Sith said. “ If you know where they are, tell us now. You just saw what we do to unwilling citizens.” He gestured to the body a few feet away.

Carth spoke up. “ We haven’t seen anything suspicious, but we’ll keep our eyes open.” The Sith looked at them cautiously, studying them.

“ Very well. Carry on.” They began to move on, but not before Carth saw Corsen slip a thermal detonator into the Sith’s handbag. Carth smiled, his eyes asking, How long until it blows? Corsen held up ten fingers to demonstrate ten seconds. They quickened their pace, not wanting to be part of the oblivian the Sith were heading to. Ten seconds later, an explosion erupted at the opposite end of the hallway they were in. Then they ran out the door.


Corsen thought of the Sith as they ran to the turbolift, how he had had no clue of what was going to happen to him. He didn’t really care about the droids. Another casualty of war, he thought. During the killing, he felt satisfaction whenever he killed one of his enemy, though he always regretted it afterwards. The guilt was coming quicker now, and he didn’t like it one bit. The turbolift came to a halt, and the doors opened to reveal a busy metropolis. The citizens acted as they would in daily life, but Sith patrols lined the streets. At the end of the huge path were many smaller buildings, not apartments. He holstered his blaster and thought about what their chances were of finding Bastila. They walked down the street to find another avenue that led to an elevator, and a Sith soldier was guarding it. They stopped in front of him.

“ No one may leave or enter without identification papers”, he said.

“ Where do wew get them then?” Corsen asked. “ We need to get down to the lower city.”

“ If you needed the papers, you would know where to get them, now stop wasting my time”, the soldier replied in a harsh tone. Corsen nodded grimly, turning away.

As they walked back to the main street, Carth said,” We’re gonna need some disguises to get past this guy. This is the only way I know of that leads to the lower city.” Corsen then caught sight of a woman entering the cantina, simply nodding at the Sith who guarded it. The soldier nodded back, then turned his gaze back to the crowd. Corsen walked forward, Carth behind him. They stopped at the Sith who was at the doorway.

“ Five credits to go in”, he said. Corsen nodded, a bit quicker this time. He hated the fact that he had to agree to Sith rules and laws. It was starting to really get under his skin. As Corsen handed the soldier the money, he turned to see a man cornered by two Sith. He held his hands up in surrender, but the soldiers raised their blaster rifles, and shot him. Over and over again. Corsen was disgusted, and the Sith once again said, “ Five credits to go in.” Corsen shoved the credits into the man’s hand and strode into the cantina. They entered and were blocked by a crowd, waiting to see something. He peered over a man’s soldier to see to people at the Pazacc table, and Corsen immediately recognized the face of the woman who had gone in without paying.

“ Why are you so interested in her?” Carth asked.

“ Because she wasn’t stopped by the Sith back at the doorway”, Corsen replied. “ I’m guessing that she’s a Sith. If she is, then she’ll know where their uniforms are stored.” He walked to the front of the crowd, who were cheering. The “Sith” must have won another round of Pazacc. The challenger seat was empty, so he took it, knowing how cantina’s worked. You sit in a chair for a game, you play. He had had some experience with Pazacc, since he had played it on the Endar Spire during his time off. He knew that luck, and bluffing were two major parts of the game. And he knew how to bluff.

“ Hmmm, who is it this time?” the woman asked. “ I haven’t seen you around here. You new?”

“ More than you think”, Corsen replied. Carth watched in silence, obviously agreeing with his plan.

“ You ever played Pazacc before?”

“ Once or twice.”

“ Well you’ll need more than that to beat me in a game. So what are we betting on?”

“ I don’t know. You decide.” She thought about it.

“ I’m having party tonight. If you beat me, you can come.”

“ Deal.” She delt the cards, and Corsen noticed how she gave him only the cards with the least value, thinking that whoever had the better cards would win. Unfortunately for her, Corsen knew it could work both ways for him. He started off with a +1. (For those of you who don’t know how this game is played, you want to get to the number twenty before your opponent. Go above twenty, you lose. Your opponent gets to twenty before you, you also lose. There are plus and minus cards that you can play.) She smiled, thinking that Corsen would definitely lose. She played a +5. Corsen played a +3, the best card he had. She played a +1. Corsen played a +2. She played another +5. Corsen played a +2 again. She played a +4. Corsen made his face look worried, as if he knew that he would lose. The woman turned to the crowd smiling. The Corsen made his move. He had won the Pazacc tournament on the Endar Spire’s annual event. His prize had been the golden Pazacc card, a +12. He quietly slipped the card from his sleeve and into his hand. Then the woman turned back to the game.

“ Your move”, she said. He flipped the golden card onto his pile, and gave a triumphant smile. The woman looked so stunned at first, that he thought she would faint. But she didn’t, only looking at the precious golden card.

“ When is the party?” Corsen asked.

The woman looked at him and said, “ Five thirty.” Then she just gave Corsen a stare. He had a feeling she wasn’t too happy about losing to a guy who had played Pazacc, “once or twice.”


As Carth and Corsen walked out of the cantina, he asked, “ Corsen, why do you want to be invited to a party?”

He looked at him. “ If we can get the people at her party drunk with Tarisian ale, we can ask if she’s a Sith officer, and if so than when she passes out, we can look for uniforms.” Carth thought about it, and concluded it was another good idea. It seemed as if Corsen had all the bases covered.

“ What kind of a trooper are you anyway?” he asked. Corsen stopped in front of the door leading to the shop. He looked at Carth.

“ Well, I’m a scout for the Republic, and I know many alien languages”, Corsen started. “ My homeworld was Deriala, in the Outer Rim.” Carth looked at him. He had tested him, and he didn’t seem to be a Sith. But he was still suspicious. Ever since his wife had died, he hadn’t trusted anyone. Mostly because of Saul Karath. But, why did Corsen seemingly trust so easily. Part of him said, because he didn’t go through what you did, but the other part was saying, I still want to find out. They walked into the store to the clerk. I’ll talk about this later, Carth thought. They bought two Tarisian ale bottles and left for their apartment, knowing that the Sith they had killed probably weren’t expected until nighttime. That gave them a few more hours in their apartment. Then, they would be on their own. And as far as Carth could see, they were ready.


Corsen walked into the small apartment they had and sat down to think. Carth seemed to have issues with trust, Corsen wanted to know why. “ Carth”, he asked. “ What’s your history?” Corsen would try to keep the conversation neutral.

“ Me? Well I’ve been a Republic starfighter pilot for years”, Carth began. “ I fought in the Mandalorian Wars all the way through. But with all that I’ve never experienced something like these Sith. They’re brutal. I’ve seen your face when you see them do something cruel, and I hate it too. But don’t let it get in the way of our mission.” Great, Corsen thought. He’s changing the subject. He let it fly for the moment. He turned to his watch. Three ‘o’clock. He then lay on his bed and fell asleep.

When Corsen woke, he noticed it was almost five. Carth was watching the holonet, and he saw Corsen wake. He nodded to Carth, who turned off the projector and stood by the door. Corsen stretched and opened the door, and they walked to the southern apartment complex. As they entered, they heard music down the other end of the hallway. Corsen headed that way, and Carth followed. Carth waited outside until everything was assured OK. Corsen entered to find what they had been looking for; the party had fancy lights and huge speakers lined up on the wall. The woman who he had won the Pazacc game against walked up to Corsen.

“ I wondered if you would come”, she said. “ The party’s just started. We have plenty of Tarisian ale, if you want any. Best tasting drink in the galaxy. It gets you drunk pretty quickly too.”

“ Well I brought two of my own bottles”, Corsen stated. She nodded, a smile coming over her face.

“ I’m Delena.”

“ Corsen Varr.”

“ Nice name.”

“ Thanks.”

“ Well, there’s plenty to do here, so make yourself comfortable.”

“ Just one question.”


“ I saw you enter the cantina without having to pay. Did you pay in advance?”

“ Why do you want to know?” Delena asked.

“ My cousins coming from Coruscant, and I wondered if I could pay in advance so we wouldn’t have to pay when he got here”, Corsen answered quickly. “ He likes cantina’s.”

Delena smiled again, as if convinced by the story. “ Well, we’re not supposed to tell people, but I’m a Sith officer.”’

Corsen looked surprised. “ So I’m guessing there isn’t anyway to pay in advance?” She shook her head no. “ Alright then, I guess I’ll have some ale then.” Corsen saw Carth leave for the cantina, the place where they had agreed to meet. He poured himself a glass of Tarisian ale and downed it in one gulp.

Hope people like! Will post chap 3 soon.

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