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Originally Posted by Skinkie
All the filthy minded people on this board and no one took advantage of this line? Shame on you all. Especially you Roy, this should have been all you.
Too damn easy. Give us a challenge.
What makes you think we would ever stoop so low to compare eating fruit with erotic activity, anyway?

Besides, what could we ever do with, for instance, the image of you wrapping your lips around a nice, tart, juicy, ripe Granny, your teeth pressing gently but insistingly into the oh so smooth skin, seeking the penetrate into the tender waiting flesh below... or the thought of Clementines sweet, sweet juices gushing forth from between your probing fingers peeling the skin back from the wet inside, until you are left with fluid running off your chin.

See,.. there's just really nowhere you can go from there.

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