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equiptment:blaster rifle, sniper rifle, assassin pistols, grenades, blaster pistol, ion pistol, bothan shock stick, detpacks, land mines, flame thrower, blaster carbine, a jet pack, and a self-destruct sequence(he's pretty decked out, and thats just on his person)
rank:colonel, ancient battle droid

As my capital ship drops out of hyperspace the hangar doors slide open and the shields activate and five cis gunships fly twoards the planet, but before they hit the atmosphere two of them were taken out by the auto-defense turrets. "myy twoo wingss openn firre, breakk offf!!"
"yes sir" and the two other gunships break off and open fire on the republic ships, buying time for me to reach the planet.the door flys open and oo-lm is standing at the door with his blaster rifle in one hand and his carbine in the other opening fire killing two clones while the other assault droids that were on the ship get off the ship and run for cover back behind the mobile shields.when they were all out oo-lm kicked a dead clone and went behind the mobile shields.

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