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I have been very active, haven't I? I wanted to prove I haven't been idle in Radiant, I guess. I have the lighting figured out, for the most part. I went back on my word, I still have yet to put in a few pillers (I'm so terrible). But I have reconstructed most of what I have lost. Observe the following. Oh, it doesn't really look quite this bright, my screenshots are messed up. I tried to fix it in Photo Editor, and made it just a little too bright instead of too dark. Ah, the joys of the computer...

I am thinking about turning down the _minlight, just a tad... It does appear a little washed out. I have it at 10, maybe would be better at 8. I also am going to do something about those doors. They won't go anywhere in the game, but they do need frames. And maybe a little more work in other ways. But it's getting going.

Those who have seen my previous map will notice I now have my crystal pillars on a stone support, a vast improvement. Luckily, I can load up t3_rift in Radiant, and C&P what I need to look exactly the same. (I'm so lazy, I should spend hours getting it to look right.) And I will apply the modelscale key to those pillars, they are too small, now that I look at them closely.

So, I am making progress. But there are a few wrinkles to iron out (at least) before I concentrate on Part II's archi. I'm correcting my previous mistake of doing the scripting as I go. That's just dumb. I'm going to make the archi here better, then I will move on to Part II, etc.

I am also doing something I forgot to mention. Why not interlude levels? It will be interesting to see side-quests that will, if nothing else, provide you with interesting glimpses at the Rift Valley. I'll build the actual levelset first, then I will create the side-bonuses and script them in as possibilities you can either choose to play or ignore. I may allow extra Force Powers for completing them, though... I have my work cut out for me.


See ya...

EDIT - I've done some work on it this morning. I have a rough door frame for the other doors, which lead nowhere, and I have clipped the pillars. Take a look at this, I think I'm getting better at the brightness setting so it looks like it does in-game.

Let me know if you have any ideas/suggestions. It has an appropriately dark atmosphere.

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