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Ilenal continued to wander about in the lower parts of Rivendell, near the small river flowing throught the city. He was not aware of Emara and Tanos having a fight, neither was he aware of the new arrival to the city that would not give away his name. He payed for an apple and took a nicely red apple from the basket. He thanked the merchan and walked right to the river, looking at the elven children playing like all children did in their age. He smiled and sat on a larger rock right by the water and continued to watch the children whil takinga bite of his apple every now and then. The elf looked behind him at the city and saw Emara, who looked quite furious for some reason, and stayed there,watching her. He had seen her a couple of times before, when he had still been travelling with the dunedain. Even if Ilenal would never admit it, he had been having concerning and odd feelings towards her since he left the dundedain a couple of years ago and left to travel between Rivendell and the Gray Havens and every now and then visiting the Shire on his way. The man, young in elven terms, old in human, sighed and continued to watch her quietly, not even trying to hide himself as he did so. Some part of him hoped that she would come over to talk, but most of him knew it wouldn't happen...

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