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I think when L.A. team develop the skills of the saber staff for JA they try to make a midle use weapon, that should have been balanced between the other two 'tipes' of sabers. but wanst this whats happen in fact: the saber staff its the strongest option for new/non skilled users and, badly, the combo cheaters choice.
in single player games the saber staff has a good use, but isnt the best best choice. i use it must because i love the staf looking. but i particular prefer the normal ones in single players since i can use easely the ''grip+saber throw'' on enemies, what take me one more step when using staff.
Multi players:
against bots the staff are better, since i can kill them before hit me on 'strong stance' and defend more easely on others stances. again i use more often because the 'perfect good looking' of a char using a dual staff. but i must confess: make a katar and dispatch 2 bots in same time its very fun too.
i prefer staff agains boots too because the 'grip and throw' of single dont work well agains very strong-wise bots on MP.
against real players, well i must say that i have no internet Mult players fights since my conections its too low, but i used to play a lot on Lan Houses. maybe its because here were i play (South America> Brasil> Minas Gerais> Juiz de Fora) ppl prefer Counter Strike and WarCraft3 then others games, most of the time i confront 'newbie' non-skilled JA players. i aways ask to play 'saber and force only' since i just dont like guns weapons. most of the time i see that ppl on staff are better, even if are non-skilled. the single bladed saberist must be very skilled to actualy win many battles against staff users. in my opnion the single bladed its more good when using force powers combos then in ''saber no-force'' battles. most of the time i weld staff, but when i fight ppl that frequently does katars (these ppl remember my old days in games like Street Fitgher that ppl just dont stop making 'hadukens'...) i prefer change to a single bladed and use 'grip+saber throw' combos, ok isnt the clean way to solve this but, Hey i'm a sith.
im my opinon the staff its comonly chose be cause dont require good train on use, no stance changes (ease battle), and the best ''cheat'' combos. the bad side its the fact that a staff user dont get to skilled in saber combat,they start medium-strong and dont past this with use. in other hand a single bladed get skilled with time, he starts weak (since he doenst know how work propely with the stances) but after a good use he gets realy deadly with these 'stances' changes during a battle (its really fun trick ppl with whatvatack you will do, hehehhe).

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