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I hear they are still selling the LaserDisc versions on places like Ebay. If you're looking for something more long lasting than VHS you can transfer to DVD for convenience, that might be a good route.

Of course you can encode your VHS copies too, but the quality won't be as good!

Interesting bit of trivia... Star Wars was officially released in theaters (in the USA) 6 times!

1977 (premier)
1978 (re-release)
1979 (re-release #2)
1981 (re-release #3, "Episode IV: A New Hope" added)
1982 (re-release #4)
1997 (Special Edition)

The 2004 Editions have only appeared on DVD (not VHS?) but rumor has it the next release will be in '07 or '08 with the "3-D Trilogy."

Empire Strikes Back:

1980 (premier)
1981 (re-release)
1982 (re-release #2)
1997 (Special Edition)

Return of the Jedi:

1983 (premier)
1985 (re-release)
1997 (Special Edition)

Very interesting, and I didn't know this until I checked, but Episode I: the Phantom Menace did come back to theaters a second time. The movie premiered in the USA in May 1999, and returned in December of the same year (it was the ONLY country it was re-released in). Indonesia finally got the movie on TV (only?) in 2005 (ditto for AOTC)!

Attack of the Clones has NOT been back since its first theatrical run. And neither has ROTS (though it's only been six months...).

Source: (btw their trivia/alternate versions/goofs pages for the original trilogy are horrible and need editing badly!)

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