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Emara couldn't decide if she wanted to be enraged or amused. Avoiding either emotion, she said, "Thanks. I'll do that."

She stood slowly and turned to go in the direction they'd seen Tanos go. Then, she heard his voice calling for her from another direction and headed off to find him.

"Tanos, I..." Emara began. Tanos shook his head, cutting her off.

"Emara, I wanted to apologize for not trusting your abilities," he said. "I suppose I just didn't want you to get hurt. The safest place for you would be here."

"I know," Emara admitted. "Tanos, I need to apologize for my reaction to your refusal of my help. I was out of line. I accept your apology. Will you forgive me?"

"Absolutely," Tanos said quickly. "I've changed my mind. We could use your help."

"But you want me to stay close to you," Emara finished for him. "You won't say it, but I know you thought it."

"Are you sure you're not a mind reader," Tanos laughed. "Yes, that's what I would like. Will you do this?"

"I will," Emara promised. Tanos nodded, seeming rather relieved.

"Go get some rest," he said. "We're leaving in the morning."

Emara smiled and went away to the room she was occupying while in Rivendell.

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