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Tanos, Emara, and Ever entered the stable together. Ever went straight to Banton, and the pony's ears pricked and he nickered happily. Ever had brought him a treat.

Emara approached a white horse that seemed dwarfed by the black horse in the stall next to her. "Ah, Riina," she breathed. "We ride today." The horse nodded as if understanding and Emara smiled. No longer was she dressed in the beautiful gowns she wore in Rivendell. The dress was replaced by armor specifically designed to fit her; a mixture of leather and metals colored dark red. Over her shoulders, she wore a long, dark green cloak. The hood was over her head.

Moments later, Arathorn entered the stable. "Ah, Tanos. You've come. Good. You understand that you must ride today. Running will not do."

"I know," Tanos answered. "Which one have you set aside for me?"

"Hasumain," Arathorn said. The horse he named poked its head out of the stall. "His rider fell by an arrow on our way here."

"With any luck, I will ride to better fortunes than that," Tanos murmured. He approached the horse and found that it had already been prepared for riding. By the time, he pulled himself up, Emara was waiting for him.

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