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in JA Single Player i prefer the Dark side, since i can such enemies life, use a 'invulnerabilty' for some time and be more agressive.
the bad side its that im vulnerable to force atacks and in Vjun (not sure about the name) the acid rain consum my skin, and i often need a enemie to such his life. otehr bad side its that i dont use the 'mind trick' so enemies with concussion rifles are dangerous.
in DF2 i chose the light path, dont remember now the skills, but the light ones atract me more in time (i remember that Dark had a ridiculous skill that throw debris...)
on KOTOR i chose the lightside, since i realy like the sith alingment, but to be a sith on KOTOR you must say ofencive speacks, and i prefer kill ppl then keep saying stuff like that $#%@# for a few dark points
in mine opinion, the dark side its more align to a jedi that wants power then a bad person. my humble opinion..

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