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Clan Anubis - Adult Gamers


Clan Anubis, Anubis for short, is a Clan that's run by, mostly, European members of an adult age. At this point the youngest member should be somewhere around the age of 27.
We're a hassle free clan with a zero stress policy and we are focusing on CoOp gaming. Although we also like to play PvP once in a while.
Like I mentioned before, the clan has just started and we are welcoming any new members. We accept male & female members, just as long as they are able to communicate in some form of English.
We also offer several services and all for free, because we think gaming should be fun and not an investment. Think of services like : Dedicated game servers, File Servers, Extended Forums, Quick News Support and Voice Over I.P. servers for chatting. Like I said; all for free.

If you are interested in becoming a member of Clan Anubis, or if you're just curious and would like to get some more information, feel free to visit the following link: Http://
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