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I am talking, Wedge, about completely different maps. Like this:

You are on map 1. You can proceed normally to map 2, or trigger a side quest and go to map A. Map A leads only to map 2. The difference is, if you complete map A, you get a bonus, like additional Force Power, or perhaps there is a weapons cache somewhere on the bonus level. (Like, the Missile launcher is obtained sooner if you play a certain side-quest.) I have no doubt this can be done. Possible side-quests are up for debate. Here's a few I thought up while doing early planning of the map:
  • The Renegade Cultist
  • Det-Pack-Revealed secret passage
  • Two passages at the end of a level

About each bonus level:

The Renegade Cultist: At the end of one of the levels, you will get the chance to meet Soraa, a former Disciple of Ragnos who swears to help you in exchange for her life. Though no longer able to use the Force, she will be more than capable with a Heavy Repeater.

Det-Pack-Passage: At the end of another level, a huge explosion will... occur... and it will be your choice to investigate the dark tunnels... or not. This level will deviate somewhat from the t3_rift texture set, at least for the tunnel itself. Dark and sinister things creep down there...

Two Passages: At the end of a level, the player will ponder which hall to take: A wide one leading up, or a narrow one leading downwards...

I hope these sound as awesome to you as they do to me. I notice not too many players (actually, none) have used this interesting idea. That surprises me. I will call the actual game Parts I, II, III, and IV, and the bonuses simply... Interludes. This is because they are bonuses, after all, not truly plot developers in themselves.


On at least one Interlude, the game will allow you greater understanding of the Force. But how will JA know if you have completed the Interlude possible or not? Normally, the Force Powers will be updated as you start the level. I could set up an If... then flag and see if you completed the interlude or not, but it would be far easier to have the force powers increase thus:
If player has level 0 in this Power, up it to 1 and set Parm1 to "False"
If player has 1 and Parm1 is "True", up to 2 and set Parm1 "False"
Load level <level>
Not valid code, I know, but I did that to distinguish the ideas from the How-To. See, it does appear to be possible. And it's going to be awesome.

After all this, I will address the bulk of your post:

Looks like a faithful reproduction of that room from t3_rift. Good job on that. But why not embellish it with a little of your own stuff? For instance, the huge, perfectly cylindrical pillars...maybe make them segmented, or add little vertical trim pieces going up them? I never really liked those perfectly straight pillars in Raven's level.
Yeah, I told you I'm lazy. I copied that from the uncompiled t3_rift_sample. You'd have to compile it to play it, but it seems to be mostly the same as the actual thing. But that is a very good idea. I wanted to make it like Ravens, then change it at least a little. Kinda ironic, actually: In JK we wanted to be able to make perfect circles, but couldn't because of the game engine. Now that we can... but it does look kinda plain, I agree.

The room you are viewing is a level unto itself, because I'm nice. After all, there will be one heckuva battle here, and it makes it easier to do the DS ending. That room is designed to be an antechamber of sorts, but the doors arelong destroyed, except for the one the Jedi were able to run through. I will cover this fact in the opening cutscene, unlike Raven, who gave us tons of doors that appeared cool to explore, but were inacceessible. (I remember when I played the demo. I kept trying to open those doors, and I started swearing at the game lol). I will certainly have those doors ingame, and they won't go anywhere, and I can only explain the big ones you see at first. You do gotta keep the game going...

Oh, by the way, I had an issue where I couldn't do much for the ceiling. Well, I managed to mask it. Now, it fades to blue, the higher you go. Perfect.

So, the basic archi for the first room is complete. I will add my own details (not just the trim) and I will put up pics for comments, if I am unsure of something's, um, beauty. A few things I will have to Copy and Paste, like those tunnels, at first. I tried, unsuccessfully, to recreate the tunnels. The trim is what defeated me. Raven made kick-arse trimming there, no reason to go unfaithful there. It is, after all, the Rift, so I can change details and the layout - not the theme. But that doesn't mean I can't look around in other texture sets to get exactly what I want...

Well, that was one heckuva post. I'm going to make those changes, and add some of my own.

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