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Sorry for the uber-post, I got carried away. Anyway, I have a sample trim. It looked like the cr@p when I put it with the default pillar texture, but I am messing around with that, too. Forgive me if this doesn't look so good, but I wanted you to see an idea for the trim. Does this best suit your expectations?

Okay, the pillar itself I am not happy with. I'd like a nice stone texture, but I can't find it easily. Perhaps if I used a wall tex... might work, I'll give it a whirl. But I wanted you to see the trim I am working on.

EDIT - I found something that may be better. I'm compiling now, will show it in a minute.

EDIT II - Okay, this I like. It isn't perfect, I'd like to have a more "ancient" texture, but it looks good to me: A stone pillar, with stone trim, and crystal lighting. (I just realized how many lightsabers you could make from these...) As an added bonus, it retains enough roundness that is isn't boxy.

A slight problem is that it juts out slightly... the price you pay when you put a flat surface on a round object.

And, as much as it will be good to customize the maps, the first one NEEDS to be simple in design. When you have 25+ NPC's going at each other, those extra brushes are the difference between 50 fps and 10. So, I will customoze, but not so much on the first map. It's it's own map soley because of framerate issues.

EDIT - OK, I will add to the map. But first, I need someone to get back to me, I am having trouble getting started modeling. In the meantime, I am going to get started on the second part of the map: THE RIFT VALLEY.

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