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AniCam (Beta 3) - animated camera editor for K2

AniCam (version Beta 3) is for creating new animated camera models to use in your K2 .dlgs, or for editing the existing ones, if you feel like it.

Download at SWK Modding Tools

Beta 3 should fix the problem where interpolation treated angles as numbers, didn't realize 360 degrees == 0 degrees, and went the long way 'round.

Java-based, requires JRE 1.5.

You specify times, positions, and orientations (in degrees as Heading/Pitch/Roll). AniCam generates the .mdl and .mdx files. You can then use the camera in your .dlg by setting up the .dlg entries correctly (details in the readme).

As always, updates and fixes are pretty low-priority for me (spare time being a mythical creature from the distant past). But feel free to post questions, bugs, comments, etc.

Source code included.

(My guess is that it would be fairly easy to update this to work with K1 - just a matter of changing some fields in the model. But I don't have time to even look at that right now.)

Known bug:
-Saving with interpolation on and less than 2 points in an animation will fail silently.

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