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Originally Posted by Bunk
I was looking for something in particular regarding tlk files, and I'm wondering if this tool might help me.

I need a way to compile a list (hopefully in excel) of every character's lines in the game, and the name of the sound file associated with it.

Essentially, I'd like to reuse the existing dialog tracks in the game in new ways, but trying to figure out what lines are available and which sound file goes with which line of dialogue would be a huge task. Do you think there is any way I could generate a list?
You can use TalkEd to search for all entries which has a sound associated with it by doing a search where you only check the "Match entries with any sound" checkbox. There is currently no way of exporting the listed entries though, but if there is interest I could add a command to save the listed entries to a text file.

However, there's no way of knowing from dialog.tlk alone where the entries are used (dialogs, soundsets, interface etc).

Further, most spoken lines in DLG files have their voiceover files set in the DLG file for each node, and have no sound associated with the text in dialog.tlk. Thus if you are only interested in which VO sound files are used in conversations in the game you'd have to go through all DLG files in the game, rather than the dialog.tlk file, and check the values of the VOresref(sp?) fields.

If this is what you want, and there is no easier way of doing it, I could make a quick tool which opens a DLG file and dumps all the values in the Conversation text and VO-resref fields to a text file. You'd need to open each file manually though since I've been too busy recently to find the time to finish my RIM and BIF reading classes (which would be needed to automatically check all DLG files in the game), so it would still be loads of work involved.

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