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Originally Posted by stoffe -mkb-
If this is what you want, and there is no easier way of doing it, I could make a quick tool which opens a DLG file and dumps all the values in the Conversation text and VO-resref fields to a text file. You'd need to open each file manually though since I've been too busy recently to find the time to finish my RIM and BIF reading classes (which would be needed to automatically check all DLG files in the game), so it would still be loads of work involved.
This sounds like about the only option I would have. Essentially what I want to do is compile a big list of:

"Speaker","Text String of what is said","File Name of the VO-resref that goes with it"

If you could write something that would just let me open the file, and display the relevent info (or even better, copy it to the clipboard) - that would be amazing. I'll do the work of opening all the dialogues and combining all of it in to one list.

If you do feel like writing it, I'll certainly share the end results here. A list like this will make things so much easier for reusing existing dialogue within the game, whether it be for new dialogues for existing characters, or creating simple dialogues for new NPCs.
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