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We ran out onto the snowy mountains we had to get to the rebels base to take civilians that were there hostage. we climbed a rugged turrain when we saw 6 rebel commad guard standing about 120ft away from us .okay scouts get ur snipers ready.our scouts picked them off in about 4 secounds.okay move forward i was equiped with 2 command pistols our scouts had there snipers , the shockers had the RPG's and the pilots had there slashers and lightning blasters. we went on. we came to a large building with the rebel symbol on it.okay men move in slowly and be aware there could be over 50 rebels in there, we have to take them by surprise we moved in slowly and our scout opend the door and i threw a thermal detonator in .we quickly ran and dived for cover. we heard it go off and then we ran in.

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