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Kotor/TSL Utility Proposal - Warning: Concerns Programming

Hello all,

Since I'm not so good with modeling, skinning, or anything but file editing and some in-game scripting, I've decided to try and tackle a utility.

I'm wondering if anyone's currently working on/planning to create a utility that runs as a Windows service/daemon for NTFS to shift around Kotor mods? The program in question would work a bit like a mod manager, but would also be able to create a schedule of mod installations/deletions to move various files into and out of your override directory at various points in the game as detailed by debug/output the game produces at various points (saves, other stuff) by interpreting game files and so forth.

The question is, has anyone done this? Because while I'm willing to try it now that i have the time and some of the knowledge, I'd hate to reinvent the wheel.

Some specifics
(warning to non-programmers: scrolling down may lead to a migraine)

This would be useful for:
-Switching custom models/force powers/skins/whatever in and out of use at different times, which effectivley removes restrictions on what modifications are allowed in-game due to hardcoded limitations.
-A quick and dirty workaround for some compatibility issues with mods for modders who are uncomfortable with editing .2da files/people who handle lots of such files and are sick of editing everything by hand.
-Playing with the soundset/music files?
-Testing of new mods?

Preferred languages for writing one of these things seems to be C/C++/C# or, I think.

The main algorythm as i envision it breaks down into something like this:
-User establishes scheduled file transfer events, indicating triggering event, files to be transfered, etc,
-User fires up game and plays until user triggers a scheduled event and reaches an autosave point
-Application receives event trigger
-Application executes on Autosave when it detects a savegame creation/update
EDIT: -Application displays game load screen and shuts down game
-Application transfers files to Override folder (renaming files if necessary? bit of a strech, i suppose).
EDIT: -Application restarts the game (so the mods load properly), using mouse&keyboard macros to do what can't be done with code.
-Application then returns to dormancy to await next trigger.

And sorry if this was supposed to be posted in another forum.

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