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Yeah, King Kong Harry Potter and Narnia look set to rock big bells.

I saw Legend of Zorro which, despite getting panned by the critics, I really enjoyed. This was probably because a) I love action/adventure stories b) I didn't find the kid annoying and c) the nasty cinema man got all the talking children to shut the hell up. Talking children ruined Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the Harry Potter films for me.

And even though it's not new, I recently saw classic anime Akira. It was on a projector so it still counts as cinema, sort of. Interesting fact: I bet the biking sequences in Full Throttle were inspired by the start of that film. Seriously, compare the two and be amazed. It would also explain the haiku at the end of the game.

And Saw? Saw the DVD recently (no pun intended, honest to God) and I thought it was pretty good. Had the guy from the Princess Bride in it.
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