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Zion managed to reach the walls of the fortress before his fellow jedi. The young man was cut down by a large man holding duel blaster rifles. Zion turned and blocked a few shots. He then jumped up onto the wall which was a mistake. Mines had been planted around the wall and the large grunt had just stepped on one. The wall along with Zion was flung into the air. Zion landed heavily on a rock. He felt his ribs crack. He managed to stand up holding his side. His lightsaber was gone, he quickly looked around. He grabbed a torch bracket from the wall and threw it at a solider who fell back with the force of the throw. Zion was completly defenceless. He stood in the middle of the court yard. He focused. He picked up the remeains of the wall and threw them at the approaching soldiers using the force. He stumbled backwards and tripped. He backed towards a door. A Jedi opened it from the inside and looked at Zion.
"" He gasped
The jedi looked terrified. He shook his head and tried to close the door.
Zion grabbed the door before it slammed shut and gasped...
"please! help! Give me a weapon!"
The jedi kicked him away and slammed the door. Zion was stunned. He rolled over. He was face to face with a man with a pike. The man rammed it into Zion's chest. He gasped and spluttered. His vision turned red. His body filled with anger and hatred. The Jedi had turned on him his anger and frustration caused him to yell...his yell went on for what seemed like an eternity. He opened his eyes. He stood up his blood soaked robes billowed in a non existant breeze. He held out his hand and a lightsaber appeared there. he ignited it. The red blade glowed. He turned to the opposing army. He showed no mercy he cut them down like animals. When most of the soliders in the keep were dead he turned to the door and stabbed his saber through it....this would be his revenge....


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