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You gotta think about it like this:

[Young Princess Leia Organa sits beside an aging Bail Organa]

LEIA: Tell me about the clone wars father

BAIL ORGANA: The Clone Wars was a terrible time in the history of the republic, young Leia. From right under our noses, the Emperor manipulated the senate to create an army to serve his own needs.

LEIA: Were there many battles ?

BAIL ORGANA : Yes, too many than I care to remember.....

LEIA: And the jedi ?

BAIL ORGANA: Yes, the jedi were valiant warriors, who in the end were betrayed by Palpatine, and by one of their own kind.

LEIA: Did you know many jedi ?

BAIL ORGANA: Yes. But after the great purge, there remained but two jedi. Only I know their location, and indeed they would come out of exile to help me if I called upon them.....remember this Leia, for one day you may need to call upon them to aid us in our struggle...

LEIA: Yes, father

Thats not too much of a stretch is it ??


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