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I'm going to see Potter tomorrow so I'll be back with a review then. I haven't seen Zorro, nor do i intend to. Far be it for me to judge a book by it's cover and I did quite enjoy the first one, but the second looks to dissapoint. The first impression I got from the trailer was that it was just a movie filled with set pieces, it told me nothing of the story except that the kid is now old enough to seem annoying (I was too much reminded of the kid from The Mummy Returns), and even if he isn't, it's way too much of a cliché these days for the action adventure sequel to give the main characters a kid.

Of course I can't really pass judgment at all until I see it, but for me, I may just rent it when it comes out (I have very little money and I'm spending what I have left on Potter tomorrow, so I can't really be wasting money right now on films that I may or may not enjoy)

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