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A reasonable amount of kills by me is 173 on Bespin platforms on easy setting with auto aim on as a clone trooper. I had 2 deaths and captured 7 command posts. I was on the ground (on the platforms if you know what I mean) all the time except for jumping into a Delta 7 once to capture one command post. I found it quite easy as I avoided the Droidekas and when I couldn't get round them I through in an EMP grenade to take down its shields and then I shot it with my blaster rifle.

But my highest amount of kills is on Hoth echo base I got 234 kills with no deaths and no command posts captured as an imperial pilot in an AT-ST and an AT-AT.

My highest amount of kills is 135 on hard setting with auto aim off on Geonosis spire. I had no deaths, 4 command posts captured and I was a clone trooper. I went in all the vehicles that the republic has on that particular map. But I only went in the vehicles to take down or capture command posts. I used the AT-TEs to take down the Techno Union ships down and the LAAT/Is to take down command posts that can be captured like the west bunker or spire. I got some men in the vehicle and then landed near a command post then ordered them to bail out. I got out of the vehicle told them to follow me then I ordered them to hold their positions when they were in the command postís radius. I then got back in the gunship, took off then covered them until the command post was neutralized then I did the same with the other command posts on the battlefield.

All this was done on the PS2 on single player mode on instant action. I havenít actually played against any other players apart from my brother and my friend. I have never actually played on an Internet or wireless connection game but I am sure that there is someone out there who can beat me.
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