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Originally Posted by SirLancelot
Episode I : Obi Wan when Qui-Gon gets run through by Darth Maul
Episode II : Anakin while slaughtering the Sandpeople(Yoda hears it through the Force)
Episode III : When Darth Vader learns he killed Padme, which he did in a way.
Episode IV: Luke when Obi Wan gets sliced in half by Vader.
Episode V: Luke when Vader tells him that he is his father.
Episode VI : When Vader threatens to turn Leia to the darkside and Luke begins his frenzied attack.
Episode I: That one was fine.
Episode II: Don't remember it.
Episode III: Heinous.
Episode IV: Didn't believe it, (He wasn't sliced in half, he became one with the force.)
Episode V: Excruciating
Episode VI: Nothing wrong with it.

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