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More newbie thoughts.

I'm fairly sure that Windows blocks file modifications (ie copying, moving, deleting) when it's being used, and the game would be using it. Also, most modern games use a lot of system resources, and running another application would reduce game performance. However, there is a mod installer/uninstaller that cchargin made called KMM.
Thanks for showing some interest. Although I did make a boneheaded mistake when I wrote the algorythm above (I had meant to have the daemon terminate the swkotor.exe process, thus closing the game, before shifting files around, I edited the error), I believe there are workarounds to what windows will and won't let you do while certain files are in use; it all seems to depend on how much of the NTFS API one has access to.

And I was aware of KMM, but what I'm proposing would work to switch mods in and out of the game when playing instead of just coordinating installations; for example, say you've got some unique item or appearance in a plot mod, like a new villian or an object in a custom-made module. This utility would allow you to import the models for the new character/object when the PC enters the module that the character/object appears in. When the PC leaves and you don't need those models, the files in question are removed, restoring original content or a slot for the next custom model to be inserted. Or it could be used to replace a default head with a custom retexture/reskin for part of the game and then switch back to the default head or another custom head, if there's ever a mod that uses more than the hardcoded max number of heads (is there a hardcoded upper limit on heads.2da? i forgot).

the game engine caches some resources into memory when a game is loaded to cut down on disk accesses (which are a big source of slowdowns). Thus switching the content of the override folder while the game runs would have no effect in some cases, and produce strange results in other.
Thanks for the reply. You're dead right on that count, and I edited the process to account for that.
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