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Originally Posted by ZeroX2
But a good light-sider isn't going to just stand there. He (or even she!) will kill you before it runs out. And while Absorb is active, he/she will be able to heal, while you will not.
It was well known in jk2, that darksides benefits far outweighs its failings, they are brought closer together in JA, but darkside still triumphs in any duel where the darksider knows what he is doing. LS ppl forget absorb makes noise, and since a darksider isnt going to give you any force while you have it on, you will eventially run out (ticked off by the sound quitting) and will procede to drain you and keep you at 0/low force while he sabers you up, taking a break to drain back health any time (s)he needs it.

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