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Mod - Only War 2

A Warhammer 40k Total Conversion for Empire at War

We feel that EaW will give many more opportunities and also give much flexibility in creating a much more fun and impressive Warhammer 40k mod than what was possible to do with the original Only War which was for CnC Generals.

Only War 2 will include space battles, ground combat and planetary assaults.
The three first Factions will be; the mystical metal skeletons known as the Necrons, the elite Space marines and of course the Imperial Guard.

We will of course continue our work on Generals 40k: Only War for now, however we cannot promise that we will be able to keep working on two mods in the future when EaW is released.

You will find lots of finished models on the website, so be sure to check it out.

Here's a taster for the people who cant be arsed to check the site. :P

//Boomerang Python
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