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I may be a bit slow on updating for the next couple of weeks. Our car was stolen this morning before 2AM and we're going to be frantic trying to come up with the cash for a new one...

From Lucasforum: From the Coruscant Entertainment center

The Star Map

Before KOTOR1, Revan and Malak find the first Star Map and begin the Saga.

Kookaburra has some very good stuff here, but needs to go back to edit it. He makes some mistakes, but they are all in the neophyte category, things every writer does wrong when they start.
As someone who has an excellent memory, I know some things are out of sequence. He has the characters reacting to the Mandalore war before the Jedi are even asked to assist and even before the war has begun. He has Revan leading off the Jedi warriors at least five years too early.
Yet he makes up for it by creating a panorama of the Mandalore wars that bears further examination.

The Hunt for the Sith
Set three months after Invisible hope by Sabretooth. A strike team penetrates an enemy facility but finds more than they bargained for...

Well written, the piece is compelling in itís blunt appraisal of small unit combat.

The following piece was passed over because I was thinking Star Wars, and it isnít. Sorry kid, hereís the review you deserve...

Mystery of Twilight Forest
Renegade Angel

For a start RA, it isnít bad. Itís a typical Ďkids in troubleí story, and every aspect of what they must do appears to have been covered and well. You do have problems with spelling (Sheathed was spelled right, but shewed is spelled shooed) you also have problems with homonyms (Words that sound the same but are spelled differently).
The only point where I moaned about the piece was when you had the character polishing a sword with a wet leaf. You never touch the blade with your bare fingers, and never never never use anything to wipe it that isnít dry.

From the Galactic Senate: Coruscant Theater

A different kind of bedtime story
Siri Ruane

A bedtime story for young Boba Fett set before Attack of the Clones

If you have ever read a bedtime story to an inquisitive child, you will recognize pacing. The story was intriguing itself, in that the child asked for reality, got it, and like most children in that position, refuses to believe it still. Very well done.

Dreams and nightmares
One with Many Names

After the rise of the New Republic, Luke Skywalker has a nightmare.

The writer had a good concept, but needs serious work on spelling, and grammar. The descriptive portions of the narrative were sometimes overdone, giving a movie feel to it.

Broken Hearts: The Death of Padme Amidala
Jacen Solo

While Jacen Solo has an excellent writing style it doesnít cover up the fact that the premise for the story was hackneyed. The widow or betrayed dying of grief has been done and overdone.

From Kotorfanmedia

Fate and Redemption

Based on the KOTOR1 game.

The first few days of Carth and Halae (Revan) on Taris.

The writer made an abrupt departure from the game, replacing characters, and cut out a great deal of the by-play of the first hour or so of the game. The descriptions of Carth, the attitude of Halae in dealing with him, are well done.

Foolís Gold

Bridging the two games KOTOR1 and 2.

Sitting in a station, Carth is reminiscing about all the problems a person has loving a Jedi.

A short piece, it is pretty much the angst you would expect in this situation. I will have to find other work by the author to properly judge it. So I found;

Chapter One: Skewed Perceptions

Set in the KOTOR2 world.
A pair of fraternal twin exiles (male dark and female light side) awake to discover that they have just missed being sold to the exchange.

The writer has a clean style and smooth delivery. The story is intriguing to me. However the story of opposing twins has been done and overdone.


Set after the events of KOTOR1. Revan deals with her love of Bastila, and her acts as the Dark Lord.

A well written piece with an excellent view of the angst of the character.

'To argue with those who have renounced the use and authority of reason is as futile as to administer medicine to the dead.' Now who said that?

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