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Greetings ImA_JediToo and welcome to LucasForums! -

I appreciate your efforts at having tried to post your question in the appropriate forum. However I think your question would have been better served if it had been posted in the Holowan Labs forum. In any case I'll see if I can provide some assistance to you.

Sounds to me like the easiest solution for you would be to start from scratch with KMM. Assuming that you use KMM to manage all of your KotOR mods then I recommend the following steps:

1) Make sure you have all the mods that you want to use stored in their own folder. Each mod's folder should be a sub-folder within the folder where kmm.exe is stored.

2) Make sure your override folder is cleared of all files.

3) In the folder where kmm.exe is held, delete any of the following files that are present. This will basically reset KMM and the next time you launch KMM it will go thru set up just like it did when you first "installed" it on your system
> kmm.conf - stores list of mods "installed" to KMM and whether they're active or not
> installedmods.kmm - holds the location of KotOR directory and your mod directory
> modgroups.kmm - will only be present if you used the KMM feature that allows you to take individual mods and group them, thereby making them act more like one mod

4) Launch KMM and go thru the configuration of game directory and mod directory. Then start adding in your mods again for use. Then activate the mods you want to use in KotOR and you should be good to go.

Should be pretty straightforward. Alternatively you can open up the KMM config files in a text editor like notepad or Wordpad to make your desired changes but that entails a degree of technical aptitude and explanation that I'm not willing to delve into.
EDIT: re: using text editor to alter .kmm files - don't do it cuz cchargrin says not to in the readme for KMM...

Good luck!

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