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(Planet wise I don't know. Im not very familiar with star wars planets outside the films so I do not know, sorry)

As the door came under fire Viper moved his squad forward. He ran to the door and he ordered his squad to fire 3 rounds at anything suspicious. His plan worked. When the CIS saw the troopers firing rounds they assumed the knew there position and returned fire. Now viper knew where they were he threw two grenades at each side of the narrow street. The explosions caused the droids to explode along with them. One of the already frail buildings collapsed dertroying more droids. Viper turned back and reloaded his rifle. He signalled two of his men to go to up on the city wall and rain down fire from above. They nodded and made their way up some side steps. Viper heard some shooting and a droid fell down the stairs.
"Ready" he heard one of his men say
"Do it" He said simply
The rocket trooper and Heavy trooper bombarded the CIS outposts. Viper held up his hand and they stopped. He moved forwards and surveyed the area. Someone else was here. Something that shouldn't be. Viper looked at the ground. Footprints. He looked up and spoke into his comm.
"We have a Rogue down here, any advice on what to do with him Captain?"
there was a pause
"If he gives you trouble dispose of him. If not continue as planned"
"Copy that sir"
Viper moved forwards under the cover of darkness....


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