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Omiron 626 bashed through one of the doors as the other broke through the other door. They were out numbered and retreated out the door throwing emp grenades. The grenades caused many explsions in the room so the men poked their guns around the corner and started firing. Droids crumbled and exploded as others fell to the ground like a human.

Soon 626 finished off the last droid with a emp grenade. After securing the room they destroyed the Auto-Defense System and continued to the communications room. As they entered the room droid stood up from their seats and reached for their guns, but before they had a chance, 626 and his grouped fired at the droids destroying them. 626 guarded the door as the others planted the bombs they ran back and took cover.
The screen blew up and the seats and other objects flew across the room hitting the wall behind 626 and his comrades.

They left the room and some droids were examining the room not knowing where the clones went. The droids looked up and started firing. 638 threw an emp grenade and they retreated behind a corner firing at the droids. The droid jumped out of the way but was still to close to the explosion and exploded into pieces. The group headed to the next destination, the bridge.

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