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Scur started towards the back exit and started towards the group that noticed the Jedi running across the field. They fired at the jedi and Scur deflected the shots hitting some of the men with their own shots. After the group retreated and died the Jedi ran to the back of the Keep and entered.

Once he entered he heard blasters going off and lighsabers buzzing. So his group continued into the Keep towards the sounds. Once he passed through a doorway he seen explosions and lightsabers buzzing wildy, with some blaster fire. Scur watched while his group ran in front guarding him. Scur walked up to the main Council room where the chancellor was watching the battle below him outside. "I destroyed the Artillery, Now what?" Scur questioned after the chancellor turned around.
"You must send a squadron of Jedi Starfighters to end the blockade." The Chancellor motioned to a guard to take Scur to the hangar. As Scur followed the guard the chancellor noted, "I will have a squadron ready for you when you get there." He turned around and started watching the battle again.

Scur entered the hangar where the guard stopped and motioned Scur in. the guard started back towards the Council room. Scur walked in and noticed dozens of Jedi Starfighters, lined up ready to take off. Seconds after walking in a man walked up and pointed at a blue Jedi Starfighter in the middle of the hangar. Scur walked up to the Starfighter and examined it and the ones around him. He realized his was the only one blue, as the others were orange, red, yellow, and one other green, which was the next in command. Scur grabbed his helet ands jumped into his Jedi starfighter, ready to launch.

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