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Originally Posted by Lathain Valtiel
Any dark sider even half decent at dodging will laugh off your attempts to kill him/her unless you procure a gun besides the pistol. What'll happen, if they are good, is that they'll bunny hop like mad at such a range that they can hear when your absorb fades. You can't Throw them, because if you do you just waste Force that doesn't regen while Absorb is up. And once it goes down, you get sucked dry by Drain, as Absorb has a one second delay before it can be reactivated and Force does not auto regen when it is up. You have to have godly movement skill to beat Drain without absorb, and judging from what you say, you don't.
What about Force Push? You can knock them down and use Throw while they are down. Some n00bs consider that unethical. I say only if that's all you do. Bunny-hopping uses Force Points too, you know, unless you jump so low they can just saber you.

Originally Posted by Lathain Valtiel
I am frigging exclusively Light Side except in Jedi Master. I know what the hell I'm talking about. I've taken on the likes of mediablitz (and actually won a few times). The fact is, lightsiders are so ****ed against Drain it isn't funny.
Good. I play LS a lot too, and make frequent use of Absorb, Heal, and the occasional Mind Trick. mediablitz, ya say? I'd like a crack at that flamer. Call me a newbie, will he... and if LS is so ****ed, as you say, why not play DS? Absorb is an excellent power vs. the Dark Side, and I don't turn it on unless Force-Attacked. Sure, that means I take a little from Lightning, but I dish it back out with my Staff, or a gun if he gets away.

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