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Dyce frantically checked all of his communication lines. None of them were designed to reach contact with the GIs at such a far range, the atmosphere of Niaj Qad made it impossible. Several NA-ATs neared the front of the canyon, where the traitor message was transmitted. Dyce checked his final, most trusted communications line. Nothing but a faint blue light and a soft buzz. He slammed on his monitor in frustration.

Through the camera on his monitor, he saw a thick haze just above the NA-ATs. Putting off too much exaust? Just then the haze exploded. Gredades! A Civic starfighter zoomed just over his head, landing a few accurate shots at a few AO-OTs. Eptima was here! Now there was a good chance in the Gis' survival. They had just filled in the gap in his gut, and with his morale boosted, began to charge through enemy lines, a few exited TIs mimicing his moves.

As he entered under the shadow of the huge keep, he saw some amazing jedi in action. Though most of the lightsabers were on the ground where their dead owners had fallen, several were dancing in sync with the shots of the Empire's blasters. One perticularly skilled jedi master was using a lightsaber in each hand, with three floating around under the influence of the legendary "force". Dyce was bewildered. He ejected his electronic key and exited out of the cockpit, drawing his blaster, the TI pilots in his stead. He immediately began to gun down Empire GIs, just to make sure the jedi knew he was on good terms with them. He didn't want to try to get in range to negotiate, so he let his blaster do the work. They were convinced. Some were astonished. In their current situation, Dyce didn't blame them.

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