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Weird problems

I've had a lot of strange problems that occur sometimes and it would really save some time if they were fixed.

1) Immidiately being booted the second I enter a server. I've never been booted before, and it's really annoying because it does it every singe time.

2) Celebrity Death Match glitch. More than once I've seen this happen. Sometimes a glitch occurs on the hero team so that every time you try to spawn, the countdown will reach 1 and stop there (I don't care how pretty it is). Eventually, everybody just spawned as a bad guy and TKd each other.

3) Sometimes when I try to run a dedicated server on "random order" it automatically changes back to "play in order" the second I leave the host tab. This is not friendly if I want to do random battles.

4) Freakishly annoying glitch. On some servers (I don't know if it's just my computer or not) my guy will be walking strait and 5 seconds later he will "teleport" several places to the left of where he was walking. If this let you go through walls it would be awsome, but it doesn't so it sucks.

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