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Originally Posted by Redtech
In hindsight, overall, the SP challenges were pretty lame. I think they need a bit more "substance". WTF is with those infinate-spawing rebels?

It's something to add to BF3, more variety in missions and more missions that don't involve you running to a command post. I'd live to see more "using the strenghts of particular classes" kind of things. I'd love to have to wreck bridges as an engineer, to halt rebel movements, then switch to a sniper to stop rebels using theirs to stop the other engineer teams getting taken out...
I am liking those ideas in your 2nd paragraph.

Other than that, it would have been good to see a different bunker on Endor - a much larger one to reflect the one in ROTJ in which you actually have to blow the door open, inflitrate it and kill the stormtroopers/officers, plant the bombs, and get the hell out of there before the thing blows...
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