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*sigh* OK, I'll get into this...

Originally Posted by ZeroX2
Heh, and I don't, right? You are the master of all knowledge (just like in the saber debate!). Eh, believe what you want.
Don't care about that quite as much as the air of arrogance that post brought to the thread. (Talking about LV)

Originally Posted by ZeroX2
Just learn to defeat it. I recommend you practice specifically defeating Drain. You'll get it in no time.
Absorb, saber, repeat second step as necessary...

Originally Posted by ZeroX2
Have you ever played StaffSaberist? No? Well then.
No comment. The only people I have played yet is a few n00bs with Grapple Hooks and the tendency to abuse Grip. Then call me pathetic for refusing to Grapple.

Originally Posted by ZeroX2
So he/she will run away? What's stopping the light-sider from running away upon losing Absorb?
Well, he said that they will jump up and down in the air. Very annoying. It also gives the LSer a chance to abandon Absorb, and use Speed to get the hell outta there till they are in more advantagous terrain. Or saber a nearly-dead guy and up their frag count by 1.

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